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The global ‘smart waste’ market, which includes advanced technologies such as plasma gasification for recovering energy from waste and optical sorting equipment for recycling facilities, is growing rapidly at an Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16%, according to a new report from analysts at Sandler Research.

The report, Global Smart Waste Market 2015 – 2019, found that reducing the cost of municipal waste collection will be a key driver for growth in the global smart waste industry by 2019.

The analysts explained that the use of smart waste technologies minimises the overall cost involved in solid municipal waste collection.

For example RFID and sensor based containers that facilitate real-time, easy-to-use web portal services for fill level measurement. According to the authors sensor equipped containers which contain a battery powered wireless device can help authorities to manage solid waste collecting routes, and reduce the overall logistics cost by as much as 50%.

It uses smart technologies such as an RFID disposal tag, sensor containers, and vacuum containers, which provide real-time fill measurement of solid municipal waste. Smart containers contain sensors help authorities to manage solid waste collecting routes, which ultimately reduces fuel and service cost. Proper and efficient management of solid municipal waste can mitigate many problems related to pollution, climatic changes, and public health.

The report also emphasises key advances in technology in the waste management process. A wide range of waste management technologies have evolved in the fields of waste collection, transportation and disposal, includinglandfilling, composting, recycling and incineration.

According to the analysts, advanced waste to energy technologies such as plasma arc gasification and pyrolysis are also gaining momentum in developed countries.

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